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Our Team.

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Mark M. Walters, DMin

Associational Mission Strategist (AMS)

Mark Walters came to MBN as the Associational Missions Strategist in January of 2022. He pastored for 35 years, and 24 of those years were in an MBN church in Eastern Oklahoma, County.

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Robbie Chancey

Executive Assistant to the AMS

Robbie joined the MBN Staff in March of 2022. She is presently serving as Executive Assistant to the AMS and Ministry Coordinator. Robbie served 12 years in a MBN local church as the Pastor’s Administrative Assistant/Financial Secretary.

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Julie Irwin

Associational Secretary/Financial Assistant

Julie has served in her current role at the MBN for over 8 years. She and her husband are actively involved in a local MBN church.

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Scott Allen

Director of Community Ministries

Scott has served as the Director of Grace Rescue Mission and Baptist Mission Center for the past 19 years. Previously, he served in the U.S. Airforce Nursing Service for 23 years.

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Kay Coone

Assistant to the Director of
Community Ministries

Kay has served at MBN for the past seven years as the Assistant to the Director of Community Ministries. She also serves as a minister’s wife in one of our MBN churches.

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